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Builder Incubator: Expand Your Office Team

The construction industry has become increasingly complex. Everything is changing, from desktop workstations to phones and tablets, from local servers to applications and data hosted in the cloud, from traditional marketing to inbound marketing, social media, pay per click, drip email campaigns, blogs and analytics. A home builder must recognize and take full advantage of new and emerging technologies to remain competitive.

As if staying up with construction technology, building code changes, vendor relationships, your competition, and your customer's evolving requirements were not enough to keep you up at night. Today a builder needs a new group of experts to address the array of new technologies and the evolution in marketing, selling, managing and collaborating with customers, vendors and employees.

Relying on different experts for each of your “different systems” was acceptable 10 years ago, because most of those systems existed in separate silos and the data was not integrated. Today, a builder needs a website that integrates with their CRM and provides valuable analytics to improve inbound marketing strategies. They need a sales model-option-color selection system that integrates with sales contracts, gross margin reporting, job budgets and purchase orders. They need a construction scheduling system that integrates with accounting to provide field payment approvals. And they need all of this delivered reliably and securely on scalable hardware that provides remote access and does not break the bank just to get started.


Our Mission is to Be Your Expert

Builder Incubator has brought together a group of highly skilled and passionate people, each with 20 plus years of experience in their area of expertise and applied their focus to the construction industry. We have recognized that our customers can gain a significant benefit from a single source solution for these technologies that have data and system overlap and are mission critical to any building organization.

Each specifically focused on the construction industry, our expertise includes;

Graphic design
Branding and identity development
Traditional and digital media
Inbound Marketing
Web development using CMS
CRM with sales options and color selections and a contracting systems
Workflow, collaboration and process management systems
Job budgeting, purchase order, VPO, construction scheduling and warranty systems
Job and financial level accounting systems
Document management systems to organize, distribute and stored digital paperwork
Bookkeeping and CFO services
Managed cloud servers specifically designed for the integration of all these systems
Training, Knowledge Base articles and Learning Management Systems
Help Desk support with real people with expert system knowledge


Dedicated to Your Business Success

Our staff is available for strategy, system implementation and training as well as daily operational assistance. Our construction industry knowledge is only exceeded by our commitment to your business success. At Builder Incubator our success is not measured by customer acquisition, but rather by customer satisfaction.


We Are Not Done

While our current products and services offer a feature rich and cost effective advantage over our competitors, we are not done. We are constantly adding training resources to increase your product utilization and improve your user experience. We continue to update our existing products and services, adding more software features every year, improving the user interface and delivery mode. We have some very significant game changing technologies in development and we are always interested in your feedback and ideas. We value your input for it is the best way for Builder Incubator to continue to meet our customers’ ever evolving requirements.