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  • Homebuilder Database

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  • Career Opportunities

    Join the Builder Incubator Team Builder Incubator is a division of Industrial Systems Consulting & Management (ISCM). ISCM was founded in 1994 and partnered with Prosoft Inc. to advance the development of the Prosoft suite of software (Gemini, Eclare, PSClient, MailPS, GemWeb). For 20+ years, we have provided considerable value to our construction clients. ISCM acquired Prosoft in Jan 2016 and we continue to push the envelope of software functionality

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  • Database – Getting Started

    Getting started modifying the Builder Incubator database

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  • Options & Upgrades

    The PSClient Master Options database provides a structure used by most custom and semi custom builders. This data file will save you significant time because you can quickly edit our examples instead of building from scratch.

  • Color Selections

    Color Selection tables are built with drop down style selections for each of the "colorized" options contained in the Master Options list. A new builder can easily customize the drop downs with their specific color codes. A faster approach than building from scratch.

  • Estimating Master File

    The Estimating Master file contains all of the individual material, labor, sub and soft cost ITEMS necessary to build a home. The import file (in its spreadsheet form) provides the new builder the opportunity to easily customize large sections very quickly, add their vendor prices and import the data file into our Eclare estimating.

  • Estimating Templates

    Estimating Take-Off Templates are part of the Builder Incubator start up database. This provides an immediate working estimating structure but also a template that can be changed for your specific code requirements, estimating and purchasing methods.

  • Job Cost Codes

    Two example cost code lists are provided, one for vertical construction (single family homes) and a second for horizontal (land development). Each list can be fully customized and the Gemini system can accommodate additional lists (i.e. multi-family, light commercial, etc.).

  • Chart of Accounts

    The Accounting Chart Of Accounts supplied with the Builder Incubator database is perfectly suited to handle a builder with activity in multiple subdivisions. A separate P&L for each subdivision and a rollup or summary P&L are standard reports.

  • Construction Schedule

    The Builder Incubator database includes a construction schedule with tasks set up with predecessor logic. Paycodes are set up to allow field approval of purchase orders.

  • Sales Contracts

    Multiple example Customer Proposals, Sales Contracts, Addendums to Contracts and Change Order Tx documents are created in the Builder Incubator database. Each document can be edited to include the new builder’s logo, legal text and other specific business requirements.

  • New Vendor Packets

    New Vendor Packets provide standard boiler plate terms and conditions for new subcontractors and vendors. When signing up a new vendor or sub, use this as a starting point to establish a clear understanding of your business requirements.

  • Standard Import Files

    The Builder Incubator package includes a fully functioning database as well as each table of the database is provided in its raw spreadsheet form. This allows the new customer to change and customize the data structure to meet their business requirements.

  • Reports

    Review the recommended Reports-By Stage. This illustrates many of the standard reports provided with the system. We have presented them by stage, following the flow from sales too warranty.

  • Pulling It All Together

    Building a fully integrated enterprise management system can be a challenging time consuming project. Builder Incubator has simplified the process by providing already built data tables for each part of the process.

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Database – Getting Started

It is easy to be up and running with our pre-built construction company database. Our Builder Incubator database is 90% complete, which saves you 100’s of hours when compared to building from scratch, but also provides the flexibility to modify each area to meet your needs. We have identified the key areas below that most of our clients modify at start up.


Add your vendors
Add your jobs
Modify General Ledger descriptions (on some GL accounts)
Modify Cost Code descriptions (on some cost codes)
Modify department names
Set up user level security (for office people)

CRM – Sales front end

Set up user level security (for sales people)
Add your subdivision names
Modify sales follow up letters (copy-paste)

Lot Inventory

Import lot details (lot numbers, addresses, lot premiums, etc)


Modify option descriptions
Add / Import other options
Set retail prices


Add model names
Set retail base house price
Toggle included options
Set model level retail price for options

Color Selections

Modify color descriptions
Add / Import other color tables

Sales Contracts

Modify legal text (copy-paste)
Create additional contract documents (if required)

Pre-Construction Management

Review process (flow charts)
Adjust flow for your business operation
Assign users (To-Do’s) at certain stages of flow


Set up user level security (for estimating-purchasing people)
Add vendor unit prices to ITEM import file
Add vendor bids to ITEM-Model import file
Set default vendors (Product Group assignment)
Set area specific default vendors (if necessary)

First Model (Base House)

Review base house take-off structure
Adjust unit quantities
Assign model specific bids
Validate cost and Purchase Orders

Next Model and each new model hereafter (Base House)

Duplicate 1st model
Adjust unit quantities
Assign model specific bids
Validate cost and Purchase Orders

Model Options

Review option take-off structure
Adjust unit quantities
Assign model specific bids
Add additional options
Validate cost and Purchase Orders

Construction Scheduling

Set up user level security (for field people)
Adjust task durations (days)
Duplicate Master Schedule to tweak all aspects of schedule logic


Modify legal text for Warranty work orders (copy-paste)
Modify warranty codes