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Resources for Builder Incubator Customers

We are dedicated to providing all the tools a home builder needs to grow and thrive. Our goal is to be an industry thought leader and your trusted advisor. We are NOT a vendor. Below are some resources that are available to help assist you in finding the answers to all of your questions and needs.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.  



This section is a good starting point. The FAQs are also categorized by our products and services so you can expand or collapse only the area of interest, making your research much faster.  



The construction industry has it's own unique terminology, now add in software and technology, accounting concepts, web development, SEO, cloud, marketing and branding; suddenly you need to understand a broad set of terms. Fortunately WE DO UNDERSTAND all these concepts and we have provided a glossary to explain this unique vocabulary.  


Knowledge Base Articles

Our Knowledge Base articles are a collection of training documents with screen images and step by step instructions. Articles are organized by each of our products and services and searchable with key words, providing our customers with a method to research questions and find answers quickly.


Knowledge Base Videos

We have created a series of videos to enable new users to quickly learn how to use our products. We start with high level overviews and then dig deeper to insure a complete understanding while providing a training format that is easy to use and very cost effective.


LMS and Training Certifications

Our On-Line Learning Management System (LMS) provides our customers with a self paced, web based training platform. Training modules are created specifically for each job function in a builder’s office, for example; sales person, designer, estimator, bookkeeper, field superintendent, etc. Each lesson is followed with a short quiz to test the user’s comprehension of key points. Your employees can earn certificates indicating their level of proficiency.


Dedicated Engineer for Implementation

We believe it is imperative to provide a dedicated team leader to each of our implementations. This improves communication, planning, and insures we gain a deeper knowledge of your business and ultimately a better implementation.


Phone Training with Web Screen Sharing

We can view your screen and you can view our screen, so we can get you to a solution very quickly. Our trainers and engineers also handle your incoming support phone calls in addition to scheduled Implementation Training. This gives them a broader view of you product usage, beyond the implementation life cycle. It also gives you a support contact to speak with that understands your business.


Help Desk Support Ticket System

Our customers can also log into our web site and enter a support ticket. We are immediately notified and you will receive an immediate email notification that your ticket was created. Support tickets allow us to effectively respond to our customers without losing your question in our email inboxes. When we update your ticket with a solution, you will receive an email notification with the details and a link back to our support system.


F1 for Online HELP inside each application

In addition to User Manuals, our software products include content sensitive Help Screens. You can press F1 from any menu location in the software and a help screen will pop up with specific instructions for that section of the program.